Guide to Hiring in Saudi Arabia

Hiring in Saudi Arabia could be challenging and incredibly exhausting, and it could prolong the unexpected period. The reason is the complex procedure to get a license, work allowance, and other paperwork. You should count on the difficulties of finding a job in a country that puts its citizens first place when hiring, too. On the other hand, it is easy to find a job in Saudi Arabia in various fields. They have invested in the petroleum-powered economy and have grown a massive workforce with low taxes and fees. Overall, it is a good country to move in and work, so start to look for professional movers in Jeddah to transport you.

Prepare documents for hiring to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia will not make finding a job harder than in other countries. However, they have specific rules and regulations that demand preparation. Before starting to collect documents, check what you will need.

A woman at job
Hiring in Saudi Arabia should not be difficult

Which papers to prepare for the work in Saudi Arabia

When hiring in Saudi Arabia, the most crucial piece of paper is the work contract between you and the company. It should include information about you, your education, benefits, working hours, and salary. Check this contract a few times, and ensure it is correct. Moving companies in Yanbu will do the rest of the job with packing and relocation.

Inform about the taxes

Like any other country, Saudi Arabia has strict rules about taxes and payments. You need to pay a few crucial taxes after employment.

Salaries and earnings could be high

Although Saudi Arabia has been primarily famous among tourists, it has become trendy for working in the past few years. The country had incredible economic growth quickly, so many new employees could find jobs.

Working hours and wages

You can easily find a job in Saudi Arabia that is paid well and work for a high salary and short working time. The standard workweek is between 40 and 48 hours, but employees can work 150 hours of overtime. Performing on Friday counts as overtime work. The salary must be at least 4,000 Saudi riyals, which is half the average salary in this country. Before you hire relocation services in Saudi Arabia, you can ask for free days since you have the right to 21 of them.

Man at work
There are lot of ways to find a job in Saudi Arabia before moving

Beware of Saudization

Although it sounds like a bad word, Saudization is the way that Saudi Arabia protects their citizens from unemployment. It is the rule that the country first employs Saudi citizens and then others. However, foreigners can get a job only after they go through strict control and preparation. So, prepare well for this step, and do not avoid any obligations and documents. Hiring in Saudi Arabia could also be very funny and challenging.

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