How to prepare for pallet racking

Businesses have become desperate for long-term storage solutions, so why not prepare for pallet racking? With the number of online sales skyrocketing, numerous service providers are struggling to find room for their goods. Evidently, the increased sale of products and services comes at a price for these businesses. They are pushed to hire a respectable logistics company for its resources to help keep all business operations up and running.

If your business is experiencing this phenomenon, you’ve no doubt noticed it has affected the performance of the supply chain. Naturally, if you’re dangerously low on storage, don’t postpone purchasing logistics services international. If you wish to try out a more practical solution, then try giving pallet racking a shot. So, let’s see how it works!

two pallets on the ground
Take a moment to learn about one of the most effective storage systems for your warehouse.

We highly recommend that you prepare for pallet racking as your optimal storage solution

What do you do when all your makeshift storage ideas are exhausted? Rethink your current warehousing conditions! Sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s time to step back, look at your warehouse as a whole, and consider transforming it. For starters, check out how you can install the pallet racking system.

The benefits of pallet racks

Before we start giving you pointers on how it works, let’s look at the advantages of preparing for pallet racking. Although there are countless pros to using this storage system, here are the most desirable benefits:

  • vertical racking, as opposed to horizontal, gives you a better view of your items
  • stacking your pallet racks means freeing up the floor space in your warehouse
  • enables maximum utilization of the available warehouse space
  • durable pallet racks can withstand various weight loads
  • they require little maintenance, thus, pallet racking Saudi Arabia saves you money
  • allows for easy organization, enabling your employees to access the products quickly
  • keeps your products off the ground where they can come in contact with pests and other potential causes of damaged goods
  • offers you the opportunity to expand your business and sell more products
  • other advantages to preparing for pallet racks

Measure your warehouse space

First things first, start the preparations by calculating your current storehouse space. Your hired logistics service provider is going to need the exact measurements of your warehouse, as well as its unoccupied space. This involves measuring the height and width of both the walls and floor, as well as the vertical wall space. By doing so, the designers will get a clearer understanding of how many pallet racks your floor can endure. All this information also helps them determine whether pallet racking is the best possible choice in relation to your warehouse design.

two men walking down an isle in a warehouse
Before you can set your plans into motion, it’s vital that you know the dimensions of your storehouse.

Calculate warehouse capacity to prepare for pallet racking

While planning your pallet racking installation, you’ll need to determine the available capacity of your storage. Start by doing a thorough inventory count. Following that, try downscaling your stock to free up as much room as possible in preparation for the pallet system. This will give you an idea about your current storage needs and how much you can realistically increase the capacity of your warehouse in Saudi Arabia. If you’re expecting a continuous rise in sales, you should exaggerate your normal load capacity. Furthermore, making predictions about the number of goods you’ll be storing in the near future is a must. That way, you can more easily decide on the number of pallet racks needed to help your business grow.

What to consider on installation day

Finally, here are a couple of things to take into account to ensure a seamless installation day without complications or damage to your existing stock. Whenever a room is to be renovated, items lying inside are safely taken out beforehand. That being said, you’ll have to find a temporary place to hold your items, before arranging the pallet racks inside the storeroom. The same goes for your old shelving units. If you’re having trouble finding additional space to house your inventory, you can always turn to packaging companies in Saudi Arabia for their assistance. Their assortment of professional storage services, including storage units and portable containers, will surely meet your expectations.

warehouse with lots of unused space and little inventory
Be sure to exercise due diligence prior to the redesign of your warehouse interior.

Choose between different types of pallet racks

Explore your options and select your desired forklift racking system before you prepare for pallet racking. The most popular types offer varying levels of practicality and space for your warehouse:

  • selective – as one of the most often utilized systems, selective pallet racking involves multi-level stacking and horizontal rows.
  • narrow aisle – this type is most popular around businesses. It works best for those wanting to maximize the vertical space in their storehouses.
  • double-deep – double-deep racking enables you to double the number of racks per pallet. Compared to narrow aisle racking, this type may take up more room.
  • drive-in/drive-through – this option reduces the space required for aisles by using a more compact and economic design. This is achieved by stacking the pallets back to front, floor to ceiling, with rails supporting their weight.
  • powered – this system is harder to come across than others since it’s meant for uniquely positioned storehouses. Its electrically-operated bases hold pallet racks and can move aisles on demand.
  • other types of pallet racking options

When in doubt, reach out to a professional logistics service provider

Indeed, finding the right fit for your storage requirements is not a day’s work. You need to do research, meticulously prepare for pallet racking, and surround yourself with trusted experts. We are only human and mistakes are bound to happen. But you can surely avoid some and minimize their occurrence by consulting a reputable logistics company. With access to their tried and tested services, you will no doubt overcome any issues that may emerge. A little support will bring you a whole lot of success!

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