Learning a foreign language in a year: can it be done?

Learning a foreign language in a year can be a challenge. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia or you are frequently shipping air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia, learning some language basics could be very helpful. But can it be done in a year? Of course, it can. However, your success depends on many factors. How much are you talented for foreign languages? Do you have time to devote to learning? Is the language you are trying to learn much different from your native language? Besides these, there is a question of learning tactic. There are many different ways to learn a language. So your final success could also depend on whether you’ve chosen the right program for yourself.

Your determination is the most important factor when you want to learn a foreign language in a year

As mentioned above, learning a foreign language in a year depends on many factors. However, your determination might be the most important thing. If you are determined to learn it, you will probably be successful no matter which learning program you choose or the difference from your native language.

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It mostly depends on your determination

You will have no problems in Saudi Arabia even if you do not learn Arabic

The good thing is that if you are moving to Persian Gulf countries you do not need to learn Arabic completely. People here are good at English. And you shouldn’t have many communicational problems even if you do not know a word of Arabic. But you could more respect if you do so. Talks to Four Winds Saudi Arabia, and see if they have some advice on how to do it after moving to Riyadh.

Find a suitable learning program

If you are determined to learn Arabic in a year you will need to find a program that is suitable for you. There are many good ways to learn a foreign language, and no one can say for certain which approach is the best. One of the good ways is to learn a hundred of the most important words first and continue from that. This will also help you to enjoy daily life in Saudi Arabia much faster.

Arabic writting
Learning a foreign language in a year is possible. But you need to find a suitable program.

Learning a foreign language in a year is easy with a private tutor

Of course, there are courses that you can find online, you can attend a language school, or you can hire a private tutor. The internet is the cheapest way to learn. However, it can be difficult to stay focused this way. Attending language school is also a popular way to learn a language. However, it is probably the most inefficient. The classes are usually following a certain program and there is not much room for questions. Probably the best way for learning a foreign language in a year is to hire a private tutor. Of course, this can sometimes be very expensive. But if you are determent to succeed no price is too high.

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