Items that cannot be stored in KSA

Whether you plan to move your house or business to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to prepare well. Thus, thorough preparations may include creating an inventory list both for your household items and personal belongings but also for goods and products when it comes to your business. Also, an unavoidable to-do list will help you consider what tasks you need to finish and what services you may need. Of course, when moving your home you may want to pack most of your items by yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time, patience, and equipment you may need a packing service. Our moving companies in Saudi Arabia can provide you with all services you may need. Besides, maybe did not now, but there is a list of items that can not be stored in KSA. So let’s find out what items not to pack.

Skip packing items that cannot be stored in KSA

Since we all know how demanding packing could be, we all trying to make it as simple as possible. Whether you are packing for moving to another home or for storage, you are always looking for tips to save space when packing. When it comes to packing your business goods for a warehouse, the rules are pretty the same.

Even if you hire a trustworthy moving company to handle your specific organization tasks, they will stick to the same way of making things faster and as simple as they could. A reputable company like ours will notify you of items banned from bringing to Saudi Arabia. They will not let you pack forbidden items and then tell you to bring them back.

Items that cannot be stored in KSA
Get ready to pack items and goods you will send to KSA.

DIY packing for moving or shipping to Saudi Arabia

In case you opt for DIY packing for storage or warehouse, you will also need to know efficient ways to pack all items and goods you are allowed to. So, in order to make packing easy, we need to know what items we should not pack at all. Not only you will spend a lot of time to pack those items, but also you will waste supplies and packing materials. But how can you know what is the forbidden items you cannot store in Saudi Araba?

Read carefully the list of items that cannot be stored in KSA

Well, the common concerns you may face as an expat in Saudi Arabia are connected with Islam. According to Islam religion, certain items are on the list of the things you are can’t take along with you. What are the items banned from bringing to Saudi Arabia? This is certainly one of the most asked questions related to arriving at KSA for the first time as a visitor. Also, if this is your first move into Saudi Arabia you may wonder the same thing.

Packing fragile items is time-consuming. Make sure those are not on the list.

Our moving experts will help you find the answers while making preparations to move to the Saudi Kingdom. It is important to remind you, make sure to read this information before you consider renting storage or warehouse Saudi Arabia has. Unluckily, if you own a lot of items forbidden to be stored in KSA you may pick a wrong sized storage unit or warehouse. So, make sure to avoid making similar moving mistakes.

The list of  items that are forbidden in KSA (According to Saudi customs):

  • Any kind of alcoholic drinks;
  • Every type of alcohol-containing items like flavoring extracts cooking wines, liquors, or products containing liquor is what you should not pack.
  • Even wine making kits and equipment such as alcohol distilling equipment is strictly forbidden to be stored in Saudi Arabia. Besides, you will need to skip packing the books on the manufacturing of such drinks, or any foods with alcohol as ingredients like vanilla extract.
  • All narcotics would not pass custom clearance without punishment.
  • Medicines without according prescription for personal use could easily become subject to possible confiscation. This rule is especially important for persons who consuming any kind of medical therapy. Any kind of medicines including injections for diabetic patients are not allowed as long as they are not accompanied by a doctor’s prescription.
  • Hazardous and dangerous chemicals. 
hazardous and dangerous chemicals
What kind of chemicals do you need to ship to KSA? Is there anything hazardous or dangerous?
  • Communication equipment and Radio transmitters. This includes police band equipment, walkie-talkies, VHF, marine, short-wave, etc.
  • All weapons and firearms both real or ornamental. Also, including fireworks, guns, ammunition, spears, and other edged weapons, explosives, etc. It is important to know the owner subject to investigation, fines, and imprisonment.
  • Military uniforms or military equipment of any kind.
  • Drones, Binoculars, telescopic equipment, or night-vision equipment.
  • Politically sensitive material is not what you should have among your belongings and goods.
  • Statues or objects of animal or human form which reminds on objects for religious purposes (religious carvings, Buddha figurines, altars, etc. )Still, this does not include your kid’s toys like Barbie dolls and stuffed animals.

Expect surprises as a list goes on and on

  • Skip packing Natural pearls. Nevertheless, cultured pearls in small quantities will not make you any trouble.
  • Any food products containing pork can not pass the customs clearance.
  • Products containing frog meat should not be on your list when packing shipment for KSA.
  • On the list of items that cannot be stored in KSA are Games of gambling (poker chips, roulette, chess, dice, backgammon, etc.)
  • All Pornographic material such as DVDs, magazines, books, etc. Even women’s fashion magazines with images of models in revealing clothing perhaps could be confiscated.
  • Any books or articles contrary to Muslim or Saudi Arabian beliefs and morality better not try to bring into the country.
  • Christmas trees, crosses, crucifixes, Stars of David. Also, any other decoration items associated with religions other than the Muslim faith.
  • Taxidermy, ivory, and the fur are items that cannot be stored in KSA.

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