Items you shouldn’t store long-term

When you are moving, there are always many things that you should have in mind. That can be stressful and overbearing, we agree. You should think about packing, transport, and in some cases, about where to store your belongings. You can be in a situation when you cannot transfer everything you possess to your new home right away. For example, when moving long-distance, like from the US or Canada. Even in such cases, we can help and resolve any issue providing our shipping container from Canada to Saudi Arabia service. Where to store those items will surely be a topic on your mind. If you find yourself in such a situation, one of the major factors will also be the type of items you want to store. In this post, we will be sharing some tips about your belongings; you shouldn’t store long-term.

Evaluate your items and determine if you should or shouldn’t store them long term

Every product has its characteristics. You should have that in mind when you are thinking about its storing. Materials of which your items are of can be susceptible, fragile. Or maybe those items should be kept under special conditions in order not to change its quality, characteristics. Artwork and food require different treatment, and the conditions under which you can store them are for sure different.

Provide the storage space for items you want to store

You can solve this in two ways:

• Providing a self-storage unit
• Contact a company which could help you with renting a storage unit

A self-storage unit can be some area or room in your home which can serve as a place to keep items until the time comes to move them from there.
You can also decide to rent a storage unit for items you intend to store. A reliable moving company can assist and help you with that. We offer storage services, and you can count on us to help you with that. You can rely on us to provide you with great warehouse services; we cooperate with a team of experienced warehouse professionals. They monitor your possessions and are taking proper care of them. They will make sure that your fragile items, which you must keep certain conditions, are preserved without any risks of potential damage.


Storage units
You can be sure that your belongings are on safe in storage units

Items that you shouldn’t store long term

As we pointed out, some products are more delicate then others, and you should not store them in any unit. Only if you provide special conditions in storage, then you can consider storing them long term. Under any other circumstance, you should not keep such items for a longer period.


Artworks are fragile. They should be stored with the best care possible. When kept improperly, they can suffer serious damage, and that is the last thing art lovers and art owners would want to happen. If you are not able to provide a room with a temperature of around 70-75°F and with about 50% humidity, you should not store pieces long term. This principle is applicable not only when it comes to paintings, but also items like fabric and sewing machines. You should also keep them from being exposed to moisture or inadequate temperature.

Wooden Furniture

Again, the key when keeping wooden furniture is not to store it in inadequate conditions. These pieces would not last long if you do not think about the environment they are in. Humidity and moisture control are essential when it comes to the proper maintenance of your wooden furniture. If moisture gets into wooden elements, it can cause warp; furniture can easily crack or in some extreme cases, even become rotten. So think carefully before deciding whether to store wooden furniture long-term or not.

Leather Furniture you shouldn’t store long term

Leather is a very sensitive material. It is especially challenging to keep it undamaged if you live in an area that can be warm one day but cold another day. Any item made of leather you possess can be affected by changes in temperature. If you intend to keep leather furniture for the long-term, make sure that you provide adequate conditions for storing and pay special attention to the temperature in that environment. If you want to avoid any risks, the smartest thing to do is consult with experts from a reliable moving company.


Instruments can be a pricey purchase, and they are very delicate and fragile. They should be handled with care and kept under adequate conditions. Here also key requirements that should be kept under control are temperature and humidity. They can affect the condition of an instrument, and you want to avoid any damage to your belongings. You should not store your instruments long-term unless you can provide adequate conditions. Keep in mind that strings and wood will expand and contract in fluctuating temperatures. So, in the long run, you have to control climate conditions.

A violin placed on a table
If you have the instruments, it is recommended that you shouldn’t store them long-term

Household Appliances

Dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators can be severely damaged when exposed to extreme conditions, cold or heat. If not stored appropriately for an extended period, those electronic and mechanical appliances can crack or even rust. Sure, you do not want that to happen. You can clean them thoroughly, but still, you should store them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Make sure that they do not end up being filled with mold or damaged.

In case you need storage for specific you shouldn’t store long-term

Still, if you need a storage space to keep sensitive items safe and undamaged in the long run, we can help you with that. Our company offers services regarding moving and storage. You can count on our various warehouse Riyadh options. We assure you that we can figure out how to safely keep even the Items you shouldn’t store long-term.

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