Looking for a job in KSA as an expat

Do you plan on relocating to KSA soon? Great! However, you may be looking for a job in KSA as an expat. If this is the case, then this is the right article for you. There are some incredible job opportunities in KSA if you are looking for a job. We are here to help you understand what kind of job opportunities you can find in KSA as an expat as well as why you should hire reliable moving companies in Jeddah when relocating overseas.

Expat jobs in KSA

Construction project manager

Saudi Arabia has a thriving and ever-growing economy that is quite strong. The construction project manager is a crucial role in this. The job of a construction project manager is to coordinate various materials and crews, workers, etc. Another important thing that they do is the overview of blueprints and drawing. Aside from meeting the deadlines and schedules, they are expected to be accurate in their measures, thorough, and ensure quality and safety control. There is often the need for a pipeline project manager in KSA. Of course, the experience is needed for this position. If you plan on forming your own company, here are some legal perks of owning a small company in KSA.

Construction managers.
A construction project manager is a great job opportunity in KSA.

Treasury manager

There are massive growth opportunities for anyone looking for a job as a treasury manager. Jobs in banking and finance are becoming more and more popular. As with a construction project manager, you will need years of experience and a professional degree to get this position. Your main job will be finance so this is where you have to have a ton of experience, knowledge, and so on.

English teaching jobs

If you are looking for English teaching jobs in KSA you are in luck! There are a lot of them. You are going to need your degree as well as some experience for an English teaching job. However, if you have this covered, you are sure to find something that fits these criteria.

Real estate agent

If you have experience with real estate as well as purchases, sales, and leases, then a real estate agent may just be the thing for you. Your job here is to maximize the profits from real estate, hire contractors and ensure new land developments.

Human resource manager

This position requires you to have a least 5 years of experience as well as a degree. As a human resource manager in KSA, you will deal with recruitment, training, hiring, and overall multitasking. Managing large groups and maintaining relations is not easy but it pays well. You can earn around 144.000$ a year with this job opportunity. If you plan on setting up your own office in KSA, then you will surely need to ship some of your office inventory. For this, you should hire professional shipping companies in Dammam to help you out.

A man on the phone.
If you are looking for a job in KSA as an expat then you should definitely consider a human resource manager as a career opportunity.

Information technology manager

An IT manager is a highly responsible job that comes with good pay. Information technology manager is focused on working with people, hiring and training the staff as well as supervising it. Things such as network security, IT staff, network facilities, etc. will be your primary focus. Of course, you have to be able to secure high-performance networking. The majority of these positions require you to have a master’s degree as well as some experience in this field. If you have this covered, you will have an easy time finding the right IT manager position in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A doctor or a general practitioner

Doctors are always needed and searched for. The obvious requirement is experience and a medical degree. This job position requires you to give an accurate diagnosis, perform physical exams, and provide routine health care. A doctor or a general practitioner pays well and is usually always available within the job offers for expats in KSA. If you have not moved already, be sure to hire professionals who can offer you logistics services international alongside other moving services for your shipping and relocation process.

How to boost your chances of finding a job in KSA as an expat

Sometimes, experience and a degree are not the only things that matter. Your CV needs to be seen and you need to have an interview before you can get a job. This goes not only for KSA but also for the rest of the World. So, with that in mind, here are a few easy ways to increase your chances of being seen and getting a job as an expat in KSA.

  • Update your CV. This goes without saying, but if you have an outdated CV, you will have a difficult time finding a job anywhere.
  • Reach out to recruitment agencies. There are numerous recruitment agencies in KSA and you should always reach out to as many as you can when looking for a job.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Similar to what you need to with your CV, you should also focus on getting your LinkedIn profile up to date.
  • Do not rush during an interview. Once you get an interview, make sure you do not rush it. Enjoy the small talk and introduce yourself properly first.
A laptop on a desk.
Update your CV and other job profiles when looking for jobs in KSA as an expat.

Ready to move? Hire professionals to assist your relocation

If you have found the job that is perfect for you, then you are all set to move. The relocation process is hard and can be filled with various challenges. Having professionals by your side is a must when moving overseas. So, hire professional movers that offer various moving services Saudi Arabia when relocating. With the right movers, your relocation and shipping process will be done in no time!

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