Mistakes people make while choosing storage units

Storage units are popular and affordable options for storing valuable items. Whether used for a short or long time, it’s not just merely selecting one storage unit. Randomly chosen storage units can bring only issues and extra costs to your budget. Wrong chosen storage units may lead to unexpected fees, damaged or stolen belongings, not enough space, and other issues. That is why it’s imperative to know the most common mistakes people make while choosing storage units. Take a look at our list of common mistakes and choose the right storage unit! Consider shipping containers from Canada to Saudi Arabia? Read our article and avoid possible issues.

Why choosing storage units?

Moving experts say that it’s much affordable and less expensive to rent a storage unit than hire professional movers. If you consider choosing storage units, you should know how to pick the right size storage unit. , make a list of things you want to store. Call your friends or family members, and load storage unit together. There are no extra costs, just rent for the number of months you choose. Storage units are also well equipped, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of belongings. No need for spending money on buying boxes, bubble wrap, and extra protection for your items. They also offer flexibility, so you can access them whenever you want. Looking for the best storage units? Choose a reliable warehouse Riyadh.

The biggest mistakes while choosing storage units

Before choosing a shipping container or choosing storage units, take a look at our shortlist of common mistakes people make:

  • picking the right size
  • not asking about climate-control
  • forgetting about insurance for belongings
  • trying to save money on storage units
  • hiring a fraudulent storage company
  • getting a storage unit without any security

Not choosing the right size

The most common mistake people make while choosing storage units is picking the wrong size. If you choose a random size, you’ll pay more money, or you won’t have enough space for storing all the stuff. That leads to paying extra for additional storage, which means extra costs. Consider large items first and make an inventory to approximately choosing the size based on dimensions of items. The size of a child’s bedroom, 10×10, is the most popular storage unit size in the U.S. But, 10×20 is the size people usually pick. This size refers to the size of a small garage. For storing a large bedroom, you’ll need at least 15×20. If you’re moving storage unit, check 5 tips for storing your items before shipping.

storage units
Picking the wrong size when choosing storage units is the most common mistake people make.

Not renting a climate-controlled storage unit

Another common mistake people make while choosing storage units is not asking about the climate-control. Climate-controlled units have thermostats, ventilation, and air conditioning to provide certain temperature conditions. Because of climate control equipment and power usage, they can be more expensive than regular ones. They are great, but also required, when it comes to storing valuable and sensitive items. Items such as antiques, paintings, electronics, cosmetics, musical instruments, leather furniture, and similar, easily get affected by temperature. If storing such stuff, choose climate-controlled storage units to avoid damaging and losing your valuables.

storage warehouse
If you’re going to store paintings, antiques, music instruments, electronics, or anything not temperature resistant, choose climate-controlled storage unit.

Not taking insurance for belongings

Not taking insurance for your valuables and belongings is a huge mistake. Just because you paid for storage item with a good security system, doesn’t mean your belongings are completely safe. There are a lot of unexpected situations. A reliable storage company likely insist on selling you some kind of insurance. Invest in good coverage for your items, and they will be safe if fire, flood, lightning, vandalism, or burglary happen.

signing a contract
Don’t forget to take insurance for your belongings. Unexpected situations and damages happen, unfortunately.
Getting the wrong storage unit while trying to save money

Choosing a storage unit is a dangerous thing. It’s not something where you can save money. Trying to save money on essential features can only lead to troubles. Imagine storing valuable paintings in the non-climate-controlled environment! They will be ruined due to moisture or high temperature. If you’re storing something precious, fragile, and special, make sure to get climate-controlled storage made of breathable material or with proper lighting.

money in hands
Don’t try to save money storage unit, if you’re going to keep precious items in it.
Paying more and getting less

Storage units are affordable, but not very cheap. Instead, they can be costly and overpriced. But paying the high price doesn’t mean getting the best service. Before you choose a storage unit and sign a contract, ask the company about the equipment of storage unit, climate-control system, cleanliness, staff availability, customer service, belongings insurance, and the most important – security systems. If everything is transparent and suits you, consider renting a storage unit.

Hiring a fraudulent storage company

Be careful while choosing storage units. There are many fraudulent storage companies and rogue movers. Even if all information can be seen online, many people fail to find a reliable storage company. Make sure to check reviews and comments from other users on a company’s website. Ask your family members, friends, and neighbors if they have some recommendations. While storing valuable items, it’s vital to choose a professional and reliable company, or you may lose your items forever. Don’t forget to use a size estimator for storage space, too.

Not checking the security

The security system of your storage unit is essential while storing valuable items. Imagine storing expensive electronics when renovating your home, and something steal all your stuff. The first thing, a facility or a storage unit, should have cameras all around. Aside from that, storage units should have additional security measures so no one can access them. Ask the company about security measures. See if they have individual door locks, alarms, passcode protected gate, cameras, and security guards, before signing a contract.

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