Moving internationally with pets

When it comes to moving, you will need a lot of preparation. Especially if you are moving to another country. New customs, new laws and a lot of things that are different are just some fo the things that you need to learn. And if you are moving internationally with pets –  you will have some additional time to prepare for this. When you are moving to Saudi Arabia with your pet you need to fulfill certain criteria and get familiar with them. Besides that, you need to prepare your pet for relocation and think about all the options to relocate your pet safe!

Moving internationally with pets – how to start?

When it comes to moving internationally with pets the first and most important rule is to get very well informed about the laws and requirements. You need to inform very well about all the laws before you bring your pet to Saudi Arabia. As you probably already know, there are some basics like the fact that your pet needs to have a microchip. But besides that, there are other requirements that you need to fulfill before you can move your pet with you.

checklist for Moving internationally with pets
Create a checklist so you can be sure that you do not forget anything

Also, it is very important to start preparing on time. Since moving internationally can be time-consuming and there are a lot of things that you need, you can easily forget about some things. So make sure to create a list of all the things you need to do before you move. Give yourself enough time to prepare. But also, give your pet enough time to prepare for the relocation. You will need a lot of patience once you move until your pet feel safe in your new home.

Schedule a visit with the vet

So, you should schedule a visit to your vet so you can start preparing on time. You can ask them all the questions and make sure to get all the shots for your pet. Also, you can ask them to provide you with some contact for the vet in Saudi Arabia. You will be in a new country, and when you arrive in Saudi Arabia you will need time to get accustomed. So, if you already have a contact for the vet there – it will be much easier. Keep in mind, that once you land there a vet needs to examine your pet.

vet with your pet
Make sure to schedule your visit with the vet on time!

Check the new environment before you are moving internationally with pets

So, in order to do this, you will have to be resourceful. You probably won’t be able to visit Saudi Arabia before you actually move there. So, you should make sure to take a good look at all the photos of your new home. Also, you should search the internet for useful information. You can try to check the neighboorhood, are there any parks and similar. You can try to reach other expats that live in Saudi Arabia and ask them for more information. It is important to prepare for international relocation with your pet and get all the information you can.

Can a moving company help you to relocate internationally with your pet?

Well, since you are moving internationally you will need to hire a moving company to help you with the move itself. Packaging companies in Jeddah can be a great help with relocation since you will have one worry less. They can help you with all the belongings and, although they can not help you directly with the relocation of the pet – they can provide you with all the information. Don’t forget – they have a lot of experience and they are able to assist you in many ways. They have done that a lot of times and a proper moving company can help you. Moving internationally with your pet will be easy and worry-free.

How to decide what is a proper way to transport your pet?

Well, this depends on the type of pet you are moving. Some pets can be with you on the airplane, while others need to go to the cargo section. If you are shipping your belongings via air cargo Bahrain you can also transfer your pet that way. But in order to make the proper decision, you need to gather all the information. How does a certain air carrier actually transport pets in the cargo? What is their policy about pets in the cabin? Those are just some of the main question you should ask them. 

Simply, keep in mind that your pet needs to be taken care of during the flight. It needs to be safe. You need to make sure that you have a proper pet carrier. And, you need to check the conditions that your pet will travel in.

Choose proper pet carrier

Make sure that you choose a proper pet carrier when you are moving internationally with pets. Do not take too big carrier or too small. They should have enough space to sit and lay down. Also, do not forget to put inside some of their favorite toys or maybe their blanket. Also, you can talk to your vet is it maybe a good option to give them some medication so they can be calm. If your pet is with you in the cabin, make sure that it has a good and secure leash. Keep in mind that not all people love pets.

cat in a pet carrier
Make sure to choose good and spacious pet carrier

Pay attention to details

Although you will check all the mayor and important things – do not forget the details. Make sure to pack all of their toys. Also, make sure that you have their favorite toy with you. Also, you can learn a lot of useful information from your moving company. Check the law regulations, but read the fine print. Make sure to test your pet to rabies, to be up to date with all the vaccines. Make sure that you find a reliable air carrier that will take care of your pet. Give yourself and your pet enough time to prepare for the relocation and everything should be more than okay.

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