Packing liquids for moving like a pro

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a pretty large country. On ranks pretty high when it comes to biggest by land surface (though there are some disputes over its actual size). It dominates the Middle East region as the largest country around… but, there is one more scale where on which it qualifies as the biggest country in the world. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the biggest country on Earth without rivers! The entirety of the country is part of the Arabian desert (covering almost the whole of the Arabian peninsula), and for foreigners, it can seem weird. If you are moving to this country, you might just want to start packing liquids for moving…but hold your horses.

First and foremost, Saudi Arabia, while not having water, has oil, and it made it very rich. Water shortages are not part of daily life in the kingdom. Secondly, consider this. Moving with liquids is hard! Not only do the airports not like them very much, but they are also a) often banned (if not drinkable); b) super easy to spill…

However, you can still do it, and following our steps will help you out in that!

As few as possible

If you don’t suddenly want to start a business from some warehouse in Saudi Arabia with selling large amounts of bottled water, we recommend cutting down on fluids in moving as much as possible. It is a simple fact that liquids are almost sure to spill. It is a law of the universe!

If you have headphones, the cable will get messed up. If you have an umbrella, it won’t rain and vice versa (though in Saudi Arabia it won’t rain, like, ever). The same way is with water, juice, shampoo, and any other bottled fluid. It will spill. It is a fact of life. The only way to avoid spilling at some point is not to carry much of it around.

Think about it. It is easy when you have that one bottle of water by your side on a hot day. However, even then it happens from time to time that you spill it all over something important or yourself (you know, still something pretty important, wouldn’t you agree).

So, imagine now having liters upon liters of various shampoos, juices and plain old drinkable water with you on that airport. Well, first of, airport security will give you hell. Secondly – just getting to the airport will guarantee that some of the containers of those fluids will fail at their job. Now imagine having them for a sea cargo Jeddah to New York…

To avoid complication, just avoid fluids as much as possible. If, however, you are going on a local move, or you have to have some fluids with you, we should warn you about what fluids are not allowed in Saudi Arabia (and most of the world, for that matter).


If you are just about to get moving when you realized that you are overwhelmed with fluids, maybe consider what of those you do not need? For those that are found lacking, you can either throw them away od donates/gift them away. Except if we are talking straight-up poison, you can quickly dispose of most liquids. Just throw them away down the drain, toilet, or a sewer. However, some things like shampoos could still be of use to less fortunate. Consider giving them away to shelters of various kinds or using them as a goodbye gift to friends.

Not allowed

Now that you are carrying only what you must let’s see what kind of things will be moving companies in Yanbu and the rest of Saudi Arabia be willing to move for you. As you know, a lot of liquids have company

Not allowed
Maybe a little bit on the nose? Sure, but seriously. What should not be allowed?

The following liquids will not be suitable for moving into the country:

  •  Alcohol – When you are packing liquids for moving, be sure not to pack alcohol! Saudi Arabia is a highly religious country practicing Sunni Islam. Alcohol is forbidden in the country, and there are sanctions. As you are personally responsible for anything that you ship, we strongly advise against this.
  • Flammable – Anything even remotely flammable.
  • Poison – Or anything that can be a position, including fertilizer.

Water and juices should be just fine, don’t bring them on a plane.

Packing liquids for moving

Moving companies in Bahrain will do an excellent job transporting the liquids just as much as any other professional and licensed movers, however, it is only natural that some bumps on the road, both figurative and literal will happen and that the packaging needs to be adequate to sustain any effect from such events.

Packing liquids for moving
How should you pack liquids? We have the details!

When you are packing, you have to make sure that no fluid is getting spilled. For this, use plastic bags as the first line of defense, after that, you should make sure that everything holds together with some ducktape. Towels should then surround the container, and everything should finish up in a plastic bin.

After you move

After the move is done, it is time to figure out the new house and unpack. When unpacking the liquids, be sure to keep in mind that the liquid might have poured out of some levels of packaging. So do it carefully and with a possible complication in mind.

After you move
How should you go on about unboxing?

But, when it’s done, it is time to find a good use for the juices (no alcohol, as previously said) that you brought to your new home. It is time to throw a housewarming party! Call your friends and neighbors and have them over for some refreshing drinks and a good conversation!


In other words, when packing liquids for moving to Saudi Arabia or anywhere else,  be sure have multiple, water-resistant layer. Check for the legality and possible dangers. And, probably most importantly – bring the smallest amount possible.

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