Packing strategies for relocating your Dammam business

Firstly, congratulations on the expansion of your business. Growing your business successfully isn’t something you see every day. Especially not growing so much that you need to move your office. Nevertheless, relocating an office is not a simple task. It can be as stressful as moving from your home or even more if you are not prepared well. That is why it’s crucial to organize everything to the smallest detail. You will need one of the most qualified moving companies such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia and the best packing strategies for relocating your Dammam business – among other things.  This article will guide you through the steps on how to organize your office relocation.

Hiring a moving company

One of the first steps for your business relocation should be to find a professional and reliable moving company. Moving an office is a serious task because it involves packing a great amount of furniture, electronics, books and other objects. Also, the process of relocation involves a lot of people. This is why you’ll want to do careful research on the best movers and packers Dammam. Your moving company should be the one with the highest recommendation and experience in moving offices since everything you are moving needs to be handled with extra care.

moving company for relocating your Dammam business
Hiring a professional moving company is an essential part of relocating your Dammam business.

Another important thing to consider when relocating your Dammam business is whether you are going to need storage for your office supplies. If you are relocating your business long-distance it’s important to find a warehouse Saudi Arabia and inform your movers about it. Your company’s belongings will need to be properly stored before arriving at the final destination.

The best packing strategies for relocating your Dammam business

Once you set a moving date with your moving company, you will know the exact time frame in which you have to work to organize everything. Moving an office involves packing a lot of heavy and bulky objects so you will need good packing strategies for relocating your Dammam business. While it may be the best idea to hire professional packaging companies in Saudi Arabia there are a number of reasons to do the packing yourself. The most important one is that you’ll spend much less time looking for your belongings.

Make an inventory of your office supplies

The best way to start organizing your office move would be to make a checklist with all the things that you should pack from your office building. You can organize the company’s belongings into categories for easy access when packing. Your checklist might look something like this:

  • Office furniture – heavy and bulky objects like desks, chairs, and shelves
  • Office electronics – computers, printers and copying machines
  • Books – including important office papers which you mustn’t forget when relocating your Dammam business
  • Small office supplies – anything you can find inside a desk of an employee

It’s also a good idea to make an inventory by creating pictures. It will take much less time than writing everything down on paper. This way you will have proof of the state in which your office material was in before the transportation in case there is damage.

Involve your employees

A good idea might be to involve your company’s employees for the best efficiency when relocating your Dammam business. It would be of great help if everyone could do even just a simple task as clearing out their work desks. If you run a large company, you can have the manager of each department supervise this step in the process of packing. Another solution would be to hire a move manager who will take on the responsibility of supervising.

people in office
It’s a good idea to involve your employees in the moving process.

Engage all sectors for relocating your Dammam business

Don’t forget the IT sector. Employees in this department could be of great help when it comes to packing up electronics. There is a lot of work in this department because  you should unplug, pack and label properly every cable. Once you move to your new office it’s of great importance that you find the right cable for each electronic device.

Get the proper moving supplies

It’s essential that you get a lot of different packing materials because you need to pack different office furniture and inventory in different ways. If you aren’t hiring shipping companies in Dammam to do this job, it’s up to you to get the much-needed supplies. You will need as many cardboard boxes as you can find. Order them in as many different sizes. Another crucial supply is bubble wrap, which you can use for every fragile item your company may have. It would be best to use it when packing up electronics.

dog in a box
Remember to get as many different packing supplies as possible.

Other packing supplies you will need include duct tape, markers, packing paper, scissors, and labels. You’ll find that the labels play an important role when it comes to relocating your Dammam business. If you label everything, it will save you a great amount of time when you are unpacking at your new office. Nobody wants to spend half an hour searching for printing paper or a stapler. Also, don’t forget to put those FRAGILE labels if you want your company’s belongings to be handled properly.

Additional advice

If you followed the steps provided in this guide for relocating your Dammam business, you are surely well prepared and packed for your move. But in case you forget to put FRAGILE labels, and something gets damaged during transport, it’s advisable to inform yourself about relocation insurance. Those inventory pictures of your company’s belongings you have taken will surely come in handy in this situation.

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