Tips for Pallet Shipping

Pallet shipping is the best way to transport some types of load. Thanks to its shape and material, pallets are great for protection and safety. There are items that we can transport only on pallets. They will secure the safety and welfare of the goods that we transport. In some cases, pallets are great for storage services. Thanks to them, they can protect rough items and robust things. Lastly, pallet shipping will make transporting much easier and safer.

  • Pallet shipping helps in avoiding damages or the goods and transport vehicles since they are gathered and protected;
  • Your workers will be safer thanks to the organization and security that pallets provide;
  • In some cases, countries have special legislation about transporting the boxes so you will be forced to follow it;
  • When boxes are connected and tied up together, protected and secured, you are sure that they will be on time and in one package there, so pallets are a great time and money savers;
  • When you consider everything mentioned above, it undoubtedly decreases the frustration that occurs in these situations.

However, pallet shipping does not presume to put the boxes on the pallets and nothing more. It is imperative to use quality materials and pack stuff properly. Smartly usage of the pallets starts with packing in boxes, though.

Wooden pallets
For some types of load, pallets are the best option

Pack boxes appropriately for the pallets

You could pack boxes on your own, but those could make serious damages on pallets. That is why it is essential to pack boxes properly before they come to the pallets. The easiest way is to follow instructions that worth for every type of packing and transporting. Do not overload boxes when you are planning to put them on the pallets.

Fill the box properly

It is vital to fill the boxes from edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner. Even if that means that you will leave the top of the boxes empty. On that way, you will protect the bottom of the boxes and items inside. If it is needed, fill with styrofoam to the top.

Distribute load evenly

It is also essential to distribute the weight so it will not turn the box down. Make sure that it is equally arranged on each side of the boxes. If you have items that have things of different weight and sizes, make sure that you have placed them properly in the box.

Use packing materials for packing

You know that for packing is the best to use materials that protect items inside. It is even more important using those materials when pallet shipping is about. It is highly recommended to fill corners and space between objects in the boxes and avoid air pockets. For those purposes, you can use packing peanuts.

Do not forget to label boxes and packages

People who work in freight forwarding services perfectly know that labeling is most important for shipping. When you put boxes on the pallets and wrap in plastic, you can lose address of the receiver. To avoid possible troubles in shipping, label boxes and package on the pallet, just in case.

Load pallets properly

Load distribution is critical for pallet shipping. You need to pack boxes in a specific way on a small pallet. In some cases, you should know how to arrange boxes. In other cases, the most important is how to make protection between layers on pallets.

Put the heaviest box on the bottom

The heavy load could damage boxes on the bottom. On the other hand, it is very important to keep the balance when pallet shipping is about. So, heaviest and the most massive box put on the bottom of the pallet.

However, avoid the shape of the pyramid

People think that the best way to load pallet is to pack boxes from the largest to the smallest one. However, it is the wrong approach. The smallest boxes will fall down when you move a pallet. The much better option is to put boxes, so they make a cube. Make sure that you have put boxes right one over another. It makes a column, a much safer shape.

Do now allow boxes to hand over the edge

Since you already put boxes one over another, you should prevent that some of them hang over the edge. It will make pressure to two corners of the box that have left. Additionally, the box will fall down and maybe pull other boxes with.

Pay attention to gaps

As you know, pallets are made of wood. There are gaps between them, though. In some cases those gaps are wide. If you put small boxes, they can pass through. In other cases, you will risk to damage boxes or make a hole in them. Arrange boxes so gaps will not hurt them.

Wooden pallets
Pay attention to gaps between the wood on pallets

Secure pallet shipping

When you pack the boxes, you have not finished the job yet. You will need to ensure the safety for boxes and workers. Do not forget that you have put the boxes one over another. It means that they can fall off easily. Thankfully, there is a long list of equipment that helps in these situations.

Make cardboard beds

It is a straightforward way to protect boxes on the pallets. Simply put cardboard on the bottom and make edges on it. It will also make a pallet prettier and safer.

Use slip sheet

That is a handy helper for pallet shipping. You can use it to protect boxes from wide gaps on the pallets, too. A slip sheet is actually a plastic bottom for the pallets. You should put it below boxes.

In some cases, you can use it between boxes, too. It is especially important if you have a lot of small boxes to load. If you do not have this, you can simply use empty cardboard and protect the bottom.

Blue pallets
Put protection between layers on the pallet

Tyde up boxes together

Whatever the way for loading is, you should tide up boxes so they will not fall when moving. You can use a wrapping plastic for that. Storages that organize pallet shipping have a particular machine for wrapping a pallet in plastic. If you do not have it, use stretch wrap instead.

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