Types of Car Transport Explained

Moving internationally comes with one small problem and that is how to move your car. Moving your belongings won’t be a big problem as you can hire international movers and packers in Riyadh. Shipping a car is not as common as moving household items. But a car is no different than any other item and there are many good moving companies that you can hire to ship to your car. Also, there are a couple of ways to ship your car internationally. For easier understanding, here are the types of car transport explained.

Types of car transportation explained- what do you need to know?

Car transportation means that your car will be transported in specially designed trailers. You can’t ship your car internationally by yourself. You need to find a good company such as the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia to take transport your car. Now, there are a couple of ways to do it such as the following:

  • Airplane
  • Large ship
  • Railroad car
  • Truck
  • Open carriers
  • Enclosed carriers

What is open vehicle transport?

This type of car transport is the most common form of land transportation and the cheapest one. As its name suggests, a car is transported in trailers that can’t be closed and the car is exposed to air and outside conditions. It’s a good option if you are transporting your car domestically with logistics Saudi Arabia. A car can be transported as a single car, on a single or multi-level truck. The fastest and most expensive one is a single car transport as the truck only carries your car. The difference between a single and multi-level truck is in the number of cars that they can transport at the same time.

Types of Car Transport Explained for the cars on the ship
You can choose an open vehicle transport option

Enclosed carriers

Enclosed carriers are completely opposite from open carriers as they offer more protection from climate change. It’s a less common type of car transport and more expensive as well. But if you want more protection for your car or if you own a really expensive vehicle, you should opt for this option. Also, as a part of shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price, you will have to pay a duty that is usually a 2,5% of the car value. Additionally, shipping your car in enclosed carriers can be done as a single car, and single or multi-level truck same as the open vehicle transport.

How to prepare your car for transport?

You will need to clean your car as a part of the preparation for transport. It’s required to clean cars from dirt inside and outside. This will reduce the chance of car damage. Also, you should remove all personal items and take a picture as well.

person washing a car
You should clean your car before transport

What is the best option of transport for your car?

Now that you have the types of car transport explained, it’s time to choose the best option for you. What you are going to choose will depend on your budget, car value, destination, etc. The most important part of car transport is to find a good and reliable company.

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