Ways to beat unpacking procrastination after moving

Of course, we are all a bit lazy. When we procrastinate, we often are a bit lazy, busy, and sometimes just tired. Multiple times, we just need help. So, if you need help unpacking in Saudi Arabia, the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia is a great choice for you. So, here it is. The first step of stopping procrastination part is to choose a reliable partner. The unpacking part is difficult because the moving process itself is demanding a lot. Just when you think you are done, there it is, the big bad unpacking. In addition, same as everything else in life you will have to beat unpacking procrastination after moving and start one step at a time. However, like everything else in life, eventually, you are going to have to do it because it will make your life a lot easier. You cannot leave in chaos surrounded by boxes.

Choose the right company

Making a good choice now can save you a lot of trouble later. If you still can not make up your mind, choose one of the packaging companies in Saudi Arabia since it will save you a lot of effort. It is a little bit of a drag. Just when you think everything is over, actually it is showtime. However, that is precisely why you can use any help you can get. Even when you think that you need to do it yourself, choosing the company is a better decision. This is because they are equipped professionals. Nowadays, asking for help is not so common, but actually, there is no one better than friends and family who can help you in all this mess.

Reliable workers
Delivery guys smiling.

There are some priorities though:

  • give yourself small rewards when you do something useful
  • split the whole activity into a couple of smaller ones
  • listen to the music
  • set yourself a deadline

Give yourself small rewards

For example, you started unpacking and now all boxes are opened. Reward yourself with just a bit of ice cream or a short video game break. Every time when you beat unpacking procrastination, even when it is something simple, give yourself something to make you feel better. It is a well know method in psychology and even in child upbringing and therefore it can be a good motivation for you. Then, slowly, you can start upgrading your rewards, balancing with the effort you invested in the whole process. For example- you finish unpacking one box of electronic equipment-5 minute video games playing.  You finish all boxes of electronic equipment-20 minutes of video games playing.

People smiling.
Smiling and cheerful people

The activity split-unpacking procrastination beat

Someone once said-the journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. We know, it sounds a bit cheesy, but it is the truth. We are often making our jobs more difficult rather than easier. Even when we have simpler methods available, our brain sometimes works against us. It is not our fault. Sometimes we are wired like that. Even when it is not only about “being wired” like that, the fact is that the moving process itself is rather complicated and overwhelming. That is why we simply refuse to believe that we can make some processes easier. For example, you can start with easier stuff-like lighter ones. Then, when you finish unpacking cables for example, you can continue to the bigger boxes, such as exercising equipment for example.

Girl smiling
Girl talking on a phone and smiling

Listening to music-fighting procrastination beat by beat

Let’s face the truth. Unpacking is simply boring. So, as you know, when something is boring, you are not motivated to just do it.  Especially if you are moving to Saudi Arabia, packing and unpacking can be rather demanding. Therefore, while unpacking, you will use some distractions. Then, you decide you will watch some tv shows. Guess what? Two hours later, you are still staring at the screen and your state of procrastination is even worse. That leads us to the conclusion that we need to choose something which will not distract us a lot. Of course, not a surprise-music is the key. When you watch a tv show, you are paying more attention to the show only. However, when you are listening to music, that can help you focusing on a task better.

Deadline-the best motivator

If you are a chronic campaigner and procrastinator-setting the deadline is definitely the most suitable solution for you. If not, the only solution ( if you know what I mean). Although there is a catch and setting a deadline can lead to more stress actually, it will definitely make you more productive in the moving process. Yes, moving process is exhausting, demanding, overwhelming and boring. Still, you will just make it worse if you just keep putting off things for tomorrow. Tomorrow it will not be easier for you and maybe you will even feel guilty. So, to avoid all that potential guilt trip- make the plan and set the deadline. Besides, setting it, make sure that you actually stick to the plan. Majority of people stays in the “writing down” stage for example, because writing it down makes it easier on you immediately. However, please do not be fooled by all this. Just write it and then start it-immediately.

In the end, just remember not to put yourself down. Treat yourself gently since the whole moving process is really hard. Therefore, unpacking procrastination is normal and it is perfectly human that you feel a bit bad about the whole process. The key is just not to give in completely to the procrastination stage but to fight it off with tools and methods provided. Just remember, as soon as you finish with the boring tasks, sooner you will dedicate yourself to making your new home perfect for you and your family.

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