What to expect from living in Jubail?

Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Therefore, many foreigners are attracted to this Middle East country due to different employment opportunities. Still, there are many major cities in Saudi Arabia where you can start your new life. Besides Riyadh, Jeddah, and Makkah, there is Jubail. Why should you pay attention to Jubail? It is the largest industrial city in the world and the large petrochemical company SABIC is located here as well. Jubail is made from two parts, the Old Town of Al Jubail and the new great industrial area. For this reason, if you plan to move, you should book your relocation services Jubail in advance as Jubail is a popular destination for workers. Before you make your decision, here is what you can expect from living in Jubail. 

How to reach Jubail 

As mentioned, Jubail is primarily an industrial city. For this reason, you will mainly find foreign workers in the city. How to reach Jubail? This might be more challenging than imagined. There are no direct flights to the city. This means that you will have to come up with a perfect traveling plan to get there. If you plan on moving, local movers in Saudi Arabia can help you relocate your items easily. But what about you? Most of the time, people traveling to Saudi Arabia usually use the following airlines: 

  • Turkish Airlines 
  • MEA 
  • EgyptAir 
  • Gulf Air 
two people shaking hands
Living in Jubail can open many business doors for you

The first two offer affordable prices. However, Gulf Air provides a direct flight to Bahrain. Then, you have to travel another half an hour to reach the Gulf to King Fahd International Airport. Lastly, you will need almost 50 minutes by car to reach Jubail City. Now that you see that your route is a bit tricky, you should hire packers and movers in Saudi Arabia if you plan to relocate your larger items. It would be very difficult to transport your items on your own. 

Living in Jubail – accommodation 

You do not have many choices when it comes to accommodation. Unlike in Jeddah where you have popular Jeddah homes, Jubail offers compounds. Almost all foreigners live in compounds that are maintained by their employers. You can find these compounds at the edge of the business district. It is a perfect choice for foreigners as it offers plenty of benefits, such as a relaxed lifestyle, modern features, etc. The most popular neighborhood would be Murjan Village. It provides one of the most stunning views of the Gulf shore and quite modern accommodations. Therefore, many foreign workers decide to live in this area. In addition to this, rental prices are usually 82% lower than in the United States. However, it is important to visit the compounds before signing the rental contract. This way you can avoid living in a house that does not have all the necessary facilities. 

Islamic culture and rules 

Even though many foreigners live in Saudi Arabia and Jubail as well, all foreigners still have to respect the Islamic culture of this country. As you might know, Islam is the main religion in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you should show that you know and respect the rules of Islam. Unlike some other Islamic countries in its vicinity, Saudi Arabia is more conservative when it comes to human relationships. This means men and women that are not related cannot interact with each other. If a woman wants to go out, she needs to take a male guardian with her. However, since 2017, women have had more rights than before. This includes driving a car and leaving a house without male company. Still, they are required to wear black robes called abayas. In addition to thisresidents have to pray five times a day. 

family in the par
Even though Jubail is an industrial city, there are plenty of things to see and do

Is working and living in Jubail expensive?

According to some statics living in Jubail is not that expensive. The living costs of a single person are around $732 per month and without rent, which is way lower than in some cities in the USA or Europe. Groceries and health are pretty affordable as well, and the only thing that could be over average is housing. This again depends on the exact place you choose to move to in Jubail. But even if you choose an expensive home, there is still a way to keep it there. All you need to do is make sure that you have a good and stable job. Relocations can sometimes shift this area of your life, so try to settle these matters on time. Relying on some good moving services in Saudi Arabia will fit your pocket as well.

And when it comes to finding a good job there, it all depends on your profession. Jubail is famous for its small businesses in different fields but the most common ones are related to tourism. Expect to see a lot of family-owned stores and workshops, and if that is what you are after, it could be a real jackpot. One of the most popular jobs in Jubail also includes:

  • Construction workers
  • Hotel receptionist
  • I.T. developers
  • Shop clerks

How often do people move to Jubail?

Keep in mind that Jubail is the 8th largest city in Saudi Arabia. It has a population of more than 378.000 people and a lot of them moved there due to certain matters. The majority of those residents are from Europe or USA and they decided to live in Jubail mainly because of work. Their company has headquarters there or plans on having one, which is extremely popular in that area. When it comes to moving there, the city of Jubail welcomed around 2.356 people back in 2021. These new residents were all of different ages and profession and with that, they chose a different area to move to.

Jubail has downtown and it is mainly populated with young professionals. This part of the city is suitable for them mainly because everything they need is close and the urban part of the city is within their reach. On the other hand, a lot of people will move further than all of that especially if they are moving with their family. This part of your relocation is very important and you should know what are the best options for you or your family.

three people at meeting
You will see a lot of people in Jubail who moved there mainly because of business and affordable living costs

Living in Jubail with a family 

Life in Jubail revolves around the family. Most people in Saudi Arabia live with their families, so far as having two or three generations under one roof. The reason behind this might the fact that is extremely hot outside. The temperatures reach almost 54 degrees Celsius and with annual humidity levels of 63%, you do not have too many options. You need to stay in your house if you want to survive. In addition to this, living in Saudi Arabia means having over 300 days of sunshine annually. If you plan to move with your family, you might have some unexpected costs of family life. First, you will need to sponsor your family members, which costs SAR100 per person per month. Also, make sure to include international school fees in your monthly budget.  

Moving to Jubail: Aftermath

At a certain point, your relocation will be over and you will be calling Jubail your home. If you are not originally from Saudi Arabia there will be some changes going your way and you should know how to deal with them on time. There will be a new community waiting for you, different things to see and do, and of course, directing your lifestyle differently. To achieve all of this, you should make a plan on what to do in Jubail once your relocation is over. Luckily, these steps are rather enjoyable and you will get amazing results if you stick to them.

Balance your time properly

Once your relocation is over, you will need to focus on preparing your new home as well. But spending the entire time inside will not be good as you will need to take some breaks as well. Packaging companies in Saudi Arabia can be real-life savers in this, and you shouldn’t ignore that option. If your items are neat and ready to set up, that means you will not have to spend hours and days unpacking. As a result, you can balance your time and have some fun even right after your move.

two girls throwing moving boxes at each other
Living in Jubail will be even better if you have a good plan for moving and blending in afterward

Try out new things

Jubail may present you with some things you never had a chance to see and do before. We are talking about food, different traditions, and places. What you should do is embrace the change as soon as possible and let it be part of your life. Your new neighbors and co-workers will help you adapt faster by showing you all the things you should know when living there. Keep in mind that this process may last, so don’t rush things up. If you focus on doing things that you like, you will be calling Jubail home sooner than you thought. 

The working environment in Saudi Arabia 

Since you are probably moving to Jubail for work, you should read about the working environment to see if it is acceptable for you. You will have to obtain a visa to work in Saudi Arabia. First, there is a hierarchy in the workplace. Therefore, a person in charge will make all the important decisions. The weekend does not consist of Saturday and Sunday but rather from Friday and Saturday. There is no 9 to 5 work, but rather, you will work in shifts. One starts from 8 am until noon, while the other shift starts from 3 pm until 7 pm. However, companies define their working hours so yours might be different. There is one huge disadvantage to working in Saudi Arabia – employers can end your contract without notice. If you want long-term employment and security, then you might want to skip this country.  

Living in Jubail – things to do and see 

Even though it is an industrial city, there are many things to see and do in Jubail. Here are some suggestions. 

  • Al Fanateer Beach – probably one of the most beautiful beaches. You should check it out. 
  • IHG Hotel, Jubail City – has the best restaurant in the city. 
  • Galleria Mall – the most popular mall for foreigners. 
  • Bahrain – just two hours away from Jubail so you should head over one day to visit this city as well. 

This city has a lot of wonderful landscapes you can visit and spend time at. Even though temperatures can sometimes be too harsh, that doesn’t change the fact that you will have an amazing time there. Probably the best thing about Jubail is that almost every company there organizes weekend trips around the city or even further than that. This is great news, especially for those who never had a chance to visit before. Because of its industrial title, you will also get a chance to meet a lot of foreigners. A lot of employees will come from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, and Austria.

two movers holding packing boxes
Rely on movers to help you relocate to Jubail quickly and effectively

In conclusion

There you have it, all the things you can expect from living in Jubail. Prepare everything in advance, learn about the culture before moving, and get a visa. Once you make a final decision to move to Jubail, make sure to follow your plan and don’t skip a step. This will make the entire process much easier and you will feel less anxious. You will have some professionals by your side the entire time, so feel free to rely on them. Movers will give you plenty of time to focus on some other matters, get to know your new home, and adjust to all the new things. 

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