May freight update

The shipping industry is constantly changing and improving. It is very significant for the world economy. This means that it is extremely important to be up to date with the events related to these changes. From month to month, we receive new updates related to how much freight is shipped. Updates that are also important are what sea and air transport look like for that month. Given that the world has undergone life-changing events in the last two years, our task was to adapt to them in the best possible way. In that sense, devising new strategies when it comes to shipping and logistics is just the beginning. As a national shipping company of Saudi Arabia, for starters, our goal is to provide a precise May freight update.

May freight update – everything you need to know

One of the main events that marked this and last year is the situation with the coronavirus. Although the situation is slowly improving, we can say that it has had a lot of impact on the shipping industry. That influence is still felt in May when it comes to the supply and demand of goods. Given that the supply chain depends on this industry, we need to look at how the whole situation affected shipping to Saudi Arabia.

A photo of containers in port
May freight update tells us everything we need to know about the shipping industry right now

Another event that marked this year was when the ship caused a blockade in the Suez Canal in March. Although two months have passed since then, we can still feel some of the delays that have occurred because of it. In times like these, the shipping industry is having a hard time recovering from any malfunctions, no matter how small. Shipping companies could have a hard time with potential difficulties that could jeopardize the entire process of shipping.

The difficulties that ensued

Accompanied by these important events, difficulties arose that will determine the course of the further shipping process. Whether it is intercontinental shipping or moving companies in Bahrain, everyone is forced to adapt to the new changes. Fortunately, everyone is working hard to ensure that shipping goes smoothly, whether it is the sea or air transport. Some of the predictions for May are:

  • Sea freight – There is still a great demand for exports from Asia. The good news is that shipping is better organized, although there is a high demand for suitable transport containers.
  • Airfreight – The need for export is very strong in this field as well. This is further facilitated by the launch of new technologies, but there is still a problem with flight alteration.
  • Ports – They are still suffering operational delays. This is also due consequences of the pandemic and the blockage of the Suez Canal.
A photo of red, blue and white containers
We are looking forward to the better future for shipping industry

What the future will look like

After seeing the May freight update, we are optimistic that the situation will improve. Some things will take days, others will take months. What is important is to work persistently on new technologies and a greener way of shipping. This will provide Saudi Arabia’s ports and airports with easier and more affordable shipping. In this way, we will be able to look forward to a better future for the shipping and logistics industry.

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