Should your choice be outdoor or indoor storage?

You are looking for storage and in front of you, there are two choices – outdoor and indoor storage. To make it easier to choose according to your needs you need to think about what you need and what it is that you want to store. For example, if you do not live in a big city, outdoor storage may be the right solution for you. Again, it all depends on what you store and how far that storage is from you. What is most important is to first make distinctions between these two types of storage. In this way, you can decide what you need more outdoor or indoor storage. Choose storage that suits your needs!

Decision-making process – outdoor or indoor storage?

First and foremost, safety in storage is the most important thing. When you make a decision between outdoor or indoor storage, this should be in the foreground. The shipping and logistics companies allow outdoor and indoor storage. Larger items that you can not donate or sell can go into bulky waste if you do not want to keep them. Call at least a few weeks in advance to ensure storage availability. It is important that you can access them by vehicle, which will facilitate the loading process.

Storage warehouse
Make a difference between outdoor and indoor storage and make the decision easier!

Outdoor storage

You will find the largest units if you choose outdoor storage. Storing vehicles, large items, or if you need storage during relocation is a better option for outdoor storage. In addition, the spacious front of the location allows comfortable loading and unloading, even for large and bulky items as well as fast transport connections. Look for storage that offers the possibility of 24-hour video surveillance, issuance of a single PIN number as well as a modern locking system. Larger items that cannot be donated or sold can go to bulky waste if you do not want to keep them. You can also register when bulky waste is collected in your area and in that way get rid of unnecessary things.

Indoor Storage

The constant temperature in the indoor storage guarantees that no damage will appear on the goods you are storing. The storage you choose should be dry, protected from light, and thus meet the most important climatic requirements of the room for fragile and sensitive items. Stored items are also optimally protected from differences in high temperatures outside. It is easier to protect your belongings from weather disasters, pests, and intruders on the upper levels of the storage, which can be easily accessed by the elevator. It is also cheaper if you store on the upper levels of the warehouse than the units on the first floor.

Appropriate temperature

It is crucial that when you store either your furniture or your household items, to not expose them to sudden changes in temperature. For this reason, the temperature and humidity in the storage must be constant and monitored and adjusted. It is also important that the storage is frost-resistant. When the weather outside cools down, if you live somewhere where winters are strong, vulnerable items must be safe from the cold in the storage. Therefore, the storage must also provide frost protection. The same applies if you live in warm areas, the storage must protect the goods from the heat. It is also very important that when you are shipping your goods to search for temperature controlled shipping companies.

Full frame shot of snowflakes
It is extremely important when thinking about outdoor or indoor storage to make sure that your belongings will be protected from adverse weather conditions.


Clean, dry, and protected from light 

Whether you opt for outdoor or indoor storage, cleanliness in the storage is of great importance. Storage must also provide protection against moisture and condensation. A modern ventilation system ensures a dry climate in the storage rooms. Store your goods in the dark, this way you are protecting them from fading. If you want to store safely inside, there are two options. It must meet certain requirements, e.g. special lighting and ventilation. Among other things, the room must be without windows, walls, and the door must have defined fire resistance. These requirements are not possible for every company due to the need for space. For this reason, take good care that the storage will meet your every need.

How much storage space you need for your things?  

Calculate the required storage space as precisely as possible. Many providers have a calculator or a simulator that helps you to determine the required size Depending on whether you need more or less space, it can affect whether you choose outdoor or indoor storage. Indoor storage is great if you plan to store some items that you don’t have enough space at home. So you can get the most out of your storage unit.  On the other hand, if you need space to store for example your vehicle outdoor storage is a great choice for you. Outdoor storage is usually larger than indoor ones so that they can hold larger items.

Man thinking about outdoor or indoor storage
Think about what your needs are and decide based on that.

Take out insurance  

In any case, you should ensure your furniture and personal belongings. The storage company will suggest an insurance solution if not then do not hesitate to ask yourself. In most cases, you also have the option of insurance of your choice. Depending on what you want to store, the storage environment naturally plays an important role. It is up to you to decide whether you want indoor or outdoor storage, and that certainly depends on your needs. In both cases, however, you should consider the safety of your furniture, personal belongings, or vehicles.

So to summarize, you will opt for outdoor or indoor storage depending on whether you need more or less space. In both cases, this means that you do not have to worry about your personal belongings while they are in storage. You will be sure that they are in a safe place and protected and that will bring you peace of mind.

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