Top Places in KSA for Families

Life in one of the wealthiest countries in the world is full of opportunities and luxuries. The Saudi economy is the leader in the Middle East region and 18th in the world. Endless business opportunities, excellent salaries and benefits, and low costs of living are among the reasons why so many families choose KSA to live in. The listed reasons are extremely important for young people who are about to start families or already have one. And not only that, but the chosen city must also have some other attributes necessary for the life of the family and children. Safety, education, and leisure activities are essential for a harmonious and fulfilling family life. If you are interested in this topic, we’ll present you with the top places in KSA for families.

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Saudi Arabia promotes family values

One of the pillars on which the entire Saudi society rests is definitively family. Although the country is highly traditional and religious, family life is filled with entertainment and various activities, like anywhere else. Of course, you must count on initial cultural shock. But once you adjust and get to know the Saudi Arabian way of life, you’ll become aware of the fact that family life is not much different from the one you led before moving. Even more, the standard of living in KSA is very often higher thanks to high salaries and low costs of living. The fact that the salary is not subject to taxation also contributes to this. 

Mosque in Riyadh which is one of the top places in KSA for families
Saudis are very religious and very respectful of their tradition and history.

The pros of living in Saudi Arabia

All of the above leaves room for family people to explore and take advantage of all the opportunities that KSA offers. Money really makes the world go round, that’s why many of the Kingdom’s cities are considered top places in KSA for families. It further opens the door for your children’s top education, top healthcare, exotic trips, and world-famous attractions. One would say, a dream come true in far away exotic Saudi Arabia. In addition, your children will grow up in a safe environment, where moral principles and true values are highly respected. Many have moved to Saudi Arabia precisely because of the numerous possibilities which provide a better life for their families. Our relocation services Saudi Arabia have made relocation easier for many expats. Whether they came from other cities in Saudi Arabia or from abroad. We’ll state below some of the benefits living in Saudi Arabia brings.

  • A thriving economy and a lot of job opportunities
  • Decent salaries with no personal income taxes
  • Exceptional culture, with a long history and respected tradition
  • Diverse natural features, pristine beaches, and sand dunes
  • Great location and starting point for traveling and exploring the Middle East
  • A shopping paradise, with its grandiose shopping malls and traditional bazaars
  • A moral environment that promotes virtue and true values


Jeddah is one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia. It is a gorgeous city, in which the traditional and the modern intertwine. This is due to the large number of expats living in the city. And like all ports in the world, it is very diverse thanks to the many influences of different ethnic groups and cultures. In time, Jeddah has developed into a modern city, the scientific and engineering center of the country. The foreigners often choose Jeddah over all other cities in KSA, due to the numerous expat communities and compounds. But also, because Jeddah is perhaps the least conservative and the most liberal city in the Kingdom. For those initially staying in hotels, we offer the option of renting a warehouse Jeddah for all your inventory. 

A view from the hotel window in Jeddah the top place in Ksa for families
Among the top places in KSA for families, Jeddah ranks highly.

Life in expat compounds makes Jeddah one of the top places in KSA for families of the foreigners

Foreigners who move to Jeddah with their families usually opt for living in one of expat communities. This is a good choice, especially if children are involved. Life in settlements gives them the opportunity to socialize with other children. From a young age, they grow a sense of community and belonging. Also, it is much easier for women, since living in these neighborhoods gives them a freedom that they don’t have outside of these compounds. Some of the more advanced communities have all amenities of the western world, playgrounds, gyms, and even pools. Coexistence with other expatriates prevents the feeling of isolation, which is generally difficult for immigrants. Often residents organize parties on weekends and holidays. Moving companies Yanbu perform local, as well as international moves. And they also provide other moving services for expats like moving pets, cars, etc. 

On weekends families are visiting one of Jeddah’s various attractions

At the end of the working week, residents of Jeddah prefer to relax outdoors. Contrary to the habits of foreigners, the winter part of the year is more pleasant for practicing outdoor activities. The average low temperature in Jeddah during the December and January is about 20°C.  Families usually spend their spare time at the beaches of the Red Sea. Numerous parks and picnic places, along with diving and swimming spots, attract families on weekends and during holidays. Once you’re done with sports activities, store your sports equipment and props in our warehouse Saudi Arabia. The most famous is Jeddah Corniche Waterfront, a 30 km long coastal area, with pavilions, sports areas, restaurants, kid’s playgrounds, gardens, etc. This is also a popular tourist place, which can welcome more than 100000 visitors and provides 3000 parking spots. 

smiling mother holding a baby boy
Numerous attractions await you in the area of Jeddah.

In addition, there are also shopping malls, festivals, and historical sites, where you can spend your free time with your family. One of the popular sites is Fakieh Aquarium which is home to more than 200 species of sea life. The dolphin shows attract many visitors, and they are shown twice a day. There are also many historical and religious sights in Jeddah which are quite crowded on weekends. One such landmark is Masjid Al- Rahmah Mosque, so-called the floating mosque. Since is built above the sea, it appears as if it’s floating when the tide is high. It’s no surprise Jeddah is one of the top places in KSA for families. There are many places in the Jeddah area where families can relax and unwind after a hard-working week. 


Unlike Jeddah, the capital of the Kingdom, Riyadh is a very conservative and traditional city. Both locals and expats have to obey strict rules of conduct. During prayer, shops stop working, and during the month of Ramadan, it is forbidden to eat or drink in the public, with no alcohol, no pork, etc. But despite all these limitations, Riyadh has a reputation as one of the best and safest places for raising a family in the Kingdom. Although it does not sound so, life in this metropolis can be luxurious and satisfying on so many levels. Riyadh and its surroundings can provide you and your family with a ton of small life joys, such as stargazing in the desert, camping, camel-riding, and similar desert activities. Also, family life is simpler and less hectic, which is perfect for raising small kids. Another of its valuable features is its nearness to other Middle East metropolises, like Katar and Bahrain. This is very convenient since our moving companies in Bahrain operate in the wider Riyadh area. 

aerial shot of Riyadh which is one of the top places in KSA for families
Riyadh is the most populous city in the Kingdom.

Life of the expat families under strict rules in Riyadh 

Riyadh is Saudi’s largest city, with a population of more than 7,5 million residents, according to It’s the most important industrial center, with several plastic factories. And it is also the seat of the government’s Aramco refinery which employs a large number of expats. Their families are mostly housed in expat compounds, and only a few live outside them. Job opportunities and decent salaries attract them to Riyadh, as well as safety and comfortable living conditions in compounds. Most daily necessities are cheaper, as well as utilities, and of course, oil. For families with children, it is very important that safety is at a premium. The laws are strict and the punishments severe, so the crime rate is low. These factors are very important for family people, and that is why Riyadh is one of the best places in KSA for families.

The life of expat children and women in Riyadh

Another concern of the family people is the education of their children. Since Riyadh is one of the largest economic and commerce centers, and also the home to many expats and foreign diplomats, many international schools are located in Riyadh. Education in Saudi Arabia is free from kindergarten, and through primary and high school. However, public schools accept expat children but only Muslim ones. So students of other religions have to attend some private international schools. For instance, the Saud International School in one of the districts of Riyadh provides primary and secondary education according to the American curriculum in English. 

desert valley with the rocky mountains in the distance
The surroundings of Riyadh are perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, such as camping or quad rides.

The cultural shock can be very overwhelming. The locals are used to foreigners and will welcome you warmly, but don’t expect much socializing. Sharia law also obliges foreigners to comply with the law. Women are particularly affected by these rules and restrictions. They cannot drive, or go out alone, black cloaks are mandatory in public, etc. The life and activities of expat women mostly take place within the walls of residential communities. If you don’t mind such rigid treatment and still want to try out the best sides of living in Riyadh, our sea cargo Riyadh will deliver your belongings to you. 


Dammam is rightfully considered one of the best places in KSA for families for many reasons. First of all, it’s the largest commercial and administrative center in the region, and as such is a busy and sprawling city. And being a port city and tourist destination, it is quite diverse and exposed to different cultural influences. Dammam is a large coastal city and the main port of the Persian Gulf, so there are many logistics companies in Dammam. The atmosphere is somewhat more relaxed than in Riyadh, and the cost of living is about 2% lower than the national average. Its best feature is its magnificent coast, sparkling beaches, and warm waters. If members of your family appreciate water sports and activities, living in Dammam will delight them. The weather is warm throughout the year, so you can always enjoy yourself on one of the nearby beaches. 

Outdoor activities for families in the Dammam area

No other city in the Kingdom offers as many opportunities for outdoor activities as Dammam. Whether you enjoy water sports, or you prefer visiting the dunes and riding quads, or long walks along the beach, this coastal gem will provide it. Families often visit the world-famous Half-Moon Beach, which stretches almost 40 km. It is only half an hour away from Dammam, so it is a favorite picnic spot for locals, but also tourists. Warm water with no waves is just perfect for little children. The organization and maintenance of the beach are excellent and contain all the necessary amenities for a family’s all-day stay. Apart from its beautiful beaches, Dammam has many historical sites, amusement parks, museums, shopping malls, and everything else that a tourist destination must have.

mother in a black cloak holding her child and father in white shirt
Dammam is by far one of the top places in KSA for families.

King Fahd Park is another attraction that allures families on weekends. It offers everything from spending quality time in nature to exciting rides, such as the famous Cobra Ride. The park is very rich in botanical species and contains many man-made pools and waterfalls. 

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