Top Places in Saudi Arabia for Young Professionals

Moving to a new city, or even country, for work is becoming a common practice among young professionals. Globalization is an important factor enabling the migration of skilled workers in greater numbers than ever before. And, Saudi Arabia has some amazing places to offer to young professionals. Still, it can be hard to choose the best city to move to. There are many great options, and we should do some research before making a choice. To help you in your search, Four Winds Saudi Arabia has made this useful list of the top places in Saudi Arabia for young professionals to move to.

Medina is among the best places for young professionals

Medina is one of the two holy cities of Islam, and living here is an amazing experience. Also, it has a long history, and it enables people to experience Arabic culture firsthand. In addition, it is very close to Jeddah, a large coastal city. And, it offers many job positions to young professionals, especially teachers. The living cost in this city is close to the world’s average cost of living, which is just over $1,000. And, the average salary is over $1,600, so it allows people to live comfortably. Being the 4th largest city in Saudi Arabia, Medina also has a well-developed infrastructure and many amenities. Overall, the city offers a great living experience with lots of fun activities. So, it is definitely worth considering moving to.

Medina is one of the top places in Saudi Arabia for young professionals
Medina is quickly becoming one of the top places in Saudi Arabia for young professionals

If you choose to move to Medina, then the next thing to do is to plan the move carefully. You can do this by yourself, or you can hire some of the best relocation services Saudi Arabia has to offer. Whatever you choose, plan your move carefully and remember to give yourself enough time to pack everything.

Riyadh is one of the top places in Saudi Arabia for young professionals

Even though it is not a coastal city, Riyadh is a large metropolitan area and offers all the amenities of one. This city is right in the middle of the desert, so the temperatures during the day are high. However, it can get very cold at night in winter. Also, it is more conservative than some other cities, and laws are enforced very strictly. The religious police is a common sight, so take this into consideration when deciding on where to move to. Nevertheless, you will be able to find everything you may need here. Riyadh is one of the four largest cities in Saudi Arabia and it has some of the highest salaries in the country, too. Also, the cost of living is slightly lower and the average salary is slightly higher than in Medina.

Should you choose Riyadh as your next home, you should know that traffic can sometimes be bad. So, plan your move carefully and take into consideration possible delays. Or, you can hire movers and packers in Riyadh to help you with the relocation.

Mecca is a popular place to move to in Saudi Arabia

Mecca is the holiest city in Islam, and it is larger than Medina. It is a very old city, but it is getting more and more modern. Mecca is the home of more than one million people and the people are very kind. However, the population here tends to be more conservative. It offers many interesting things to see, such as the world’s biggest clock face and the world’s tallest clock tower. The cost of living here is the lowest of all the cities we discussed so far, with the average monthly cost being a little over $800. But, the median salary is also lower, being somewhere around $1,300.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Mecca is a beautiful city with lots of amenities

If you are considering moving to Mecca, then prepare for the crowds of people who come here annually. It is both a popular tourist and pilgrimage site, so it can get crowded. Still, your move to Mecca will go smoothly if you plan carefully.

Jeddah is a great place to move to for young professionals

Being a coastal city, Jeddah is one of the best ones to live in for working professionals. Also, it is a multicultural city and there are many foreigners living here. In addition, Jeddah is right across the sea from Egypt, so it is great for traveling. You can easily go to Africa from here, or you can visit other cities in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is no different than the other cities on the list when it comes to decency laws and conservatism, so don’t expect to go to a public beach in swimwear. Nonetheless, there are plenty of private beaches where you can enjoy a day in the sun.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah is a coastal city with an international population

The cost of living is very similar to the other cities on this list, as are the median salaries. The average salary will cover the cost of living for approximately 1.5 months. Jeddah is one of the most inviting cities to live in on this list. If you select it as your next destination, consider hiring some of the best international movers Jeddah can offer.

Jubail is quickly becoming one of the best cities in KSA

Jubail has the best relation of median salary to cost of living of all the cities on this list. One-month salary is enough to cover the cost of living for 1.9 months. Also, it is accommodating to foreigners and it has many benefits. However, like in most of Saudi Arabia, you can expect to work in shifts instead of from 9 to 5. Also, there is a strong hierarchy that is followed within companies. If you choose to move here, there are plenty of moving companies in Jubail that can assist you with the relocation.

As we have seen, Saudi Arabia offers many attractive cities for young professionals to relocate to. However, there are many do’s and don’ts you should be aware of. So, make sure to read up on the cultural differences between Saudi Arabia and the West before you decide to move. These are some of the top places in Saudi Arabia for young professionals, but feel free to do some research on your own to find the city that will suit you best.

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